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Malindi has a long history and is famous as the last sailing point for Vasgo da Gama on his epic voyage around the horn of Africa and then on to India and the Spice Islands

A Malindi based Swahili ship pilot showed him the way. The pioneering of an eastern sailing route to India opened up world trade and was a milestone on the way to fifteenth century globalization.

Today Malindi has become a tourist magnet and draws thousands of visitors every year. It is especially popular with Italians many of whom have built private villas to escape the European winter. Malindi is dotted with Gelatarias cafes boutiques bars Casinos and night clubs. Life here is very informal. The town is small and the central area still has narrow streets just a short distance from the Vasgo da Gama Memorial.

The golf course is somewhat dry compared to most well watered Kenya golf greens but the deep-sea fishing is excellent and the hospitality is real but laid back.

Watamu a short distance away has lovely sandy bays with scenic coral islands and cliffs. Being some distance from the nearest town Watamu is delightfully serene and eco friendly. Very good for family holidays and well known for exotic wedding receptions.