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Part of the Swahili history

Kenya on the shores of the Indian Ocean has a long association with Dhows that have sailed for centuries between Arabia India and East Africa using monsoon winds in one of the oldest established trade in the world. 

Traditional dhows are built without metal using local materials and this ancient craft is still practiced in such places as Lamu today.

A number of Dhows have been converted with modern techniques and given diesel engines for safe cruising with tourists.

In Lamu you may sail around the islands or take a sunset cruise or a moonlight cruise. 

In Shimoni you may sail to the marine park in a Dhow and if you are lucky see dolphins swim close by.

From Mombasa a number of dhow cruises with activities are available for night and day cruises.

The Tamarind Dhow operated by a leading restaurant company offers night cruises in calm inland waters with superb meals cooked on board with live music and dancing.

At Mtwapa Creek day cruises offer witchdoctors and other delights. 

Take the opportunity to enjoy this special experience whilst at the coast.