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This years November Lamu Festival will provide a welcome opportunity for the friendly people of Lamu to once again show the world how peacful and fun loving they really are. Lamu is known for its peacful and tranquil nature and has the lowest crime rate in all of Kenya. Lamu is steeped in the highest qualities of Muslim culture and renowed for the intellectual contribution of its Swahili scholars and observance of strict family values. It is said that you may place your wallet on the cannonaded seafront at Lamu and someone will pick it up find the owner and return it. Theft and crime are unusual occurances in Lamu. The people of Lamu know however how to have a good time and the November Lamu Cultural Festival is a spectacle of amusement and contests that is fun for the whole family. The Kenya Army and Navy units now in Somali territory are working closely with the Trasitional Forces to mop up pirates and insurgents. Border patrols and survellance has driven away the Al Sheebab elements and there are no signs of any more insecurity in Lamu. The sea has been swept clear of all local shipping and the Lamu residents have returned to their normal daily routines. The Kenya Tourism Board will assist Lamu to ensure that the crowds pack into Lamu over the Cultural Festival that takes place between November 24th and November 28th. Music dancing donkey races swimming conests dhow races football and much more awaits you in Lamu during the colouful Festival. However be warned. you will want to stay longer. All of Lamus hotels and tourist facilities are back in operation and starting from November 20th Mombasa Air Safari is adding additional twice daily flights to Lamu from Malindi in addition to the regular flights from Mombasa on Mondays Wednesdays and Fridays. So get away from it all and visit freindly Lamu Kenyas most peacful destination.

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